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Monday, June 17, 2013

Back in Bavaria

I booked another couple nights in Munich before and after my planned 3 day visit to Salzburg. I need to see some mountains after waiting out the rain up north.
What a difference in the weather. It must be in the 90s at Munich Hauptbahnhof when I arrived at 3:00pm, about half an hour late. Naughty Deutsche Bahn. The service has slipped and it's not just due to flooding. The ICE on major routes like today's attract a lot of foreign travelers so DB does half assed bilingual announcements. In German there are lots of apologies for tardy trains. In English the abrupt announcement is "thank you for using Deutsche Bahn. Have a nice journey."
The important announcements are the ones they miss. Today at Berlin there was some snafu with Carriage 21, the one I'd paid 4,00 euros to reserve a seat in due to heavy demand. I think what was said was the carriage wouldn't have a door on the platform so you had to enter by another carriage. The trick was, naturally, to find a German traveler and follow him or her. I found a good one, a guy who was giving the platform attendant an earful. I could make out "ein und zwanisch" which I figured was 21, so I never let the boy out of my sight. I found my seat, but had to share a seat with a Korean guy who spent 6+ hours noisily chewing gum and not looking once at the scenery. I eventually changed seats so I didn't have to watch him mouth chomping away. He was wearing headphones and watching a tv show on his notebook PC. Obviously unaware he sounded like a cow munching.
Oh brother.

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