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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bike Riding in Berlin

You ride in the bike lanes here, and if you run out of lane, and come up on the sidewalk, you get off and walk the bike.
You ride in a steady stream of cyclists, all of whom are dressed in street clothes and few of whom wear bike helmets. Cars generally give you right of way when you have it. I wonder how many pounding cyclist fists it took to instill this good behaviour. Cyclists can be a bit unpredictable, passing you on either left or right, if you show any hesitation. So I rode defensively, always looking back over my shoulder before riding off. I also walked through a lot of intersections with the pedestrians.
Having a folding bike means I always have the option of making Wm the size of a suitcase, and bringing it inside the building instead of risking locking it to a post or a tree on a busy street.
Today, however, I only did that once, when I went into the Komische Oper, and bought a ticket for Sunday's performance of Die Hochzeit des Figaro. It's Mozart, sung in German, and I hope I can find something sort of neat and dressy enough to wear to the opera.
Couldn't snag a ticket for either love or money, to tonight's performance of Die Zauberflote, sadly.

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