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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breakfast at Monchsberg 32

Another day of 90+ degree weather, so after I stored my baggage and checked out of the JUFA hostel, I went looking for the road that takes you to Monchsberg for views and a stroll in the woods.
It was a case of "get off and push" most of the steep and narrow road, width of one normal sized car, but nice views, a chance to look at the Gasthaus Stadtalm where I'd planned to stay 2 weeks earlier, but canceled due to flooding. Sort of glad I didn't stay. Unique location next to a C15th castle, but would have been tough with a loaded bike.
Monchsberg gave me a free ticket for the elevator down into the old town, and I was able to negotiate the small flights of steps as Wm only had its front bike bag.
Nice piece by American light artist James Turrell up there. A sign says its open to view 15 minutes before sunset each day.
I'd go back to experience it if it were easier to reach and not such a brutally hot day.

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