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Thursday, June 13, 2013

In Nikolai Viertel for Breakfast without the School Groups

There comes a day during my solo traveling, when I have to say "enough" to living in youth hostels with hundreds of my closest friends.
This morning was that day. After another morning of kids shouting in the hall and letting the fire doors slam over and over, combined with coming back from my hideout on the 5th floor where I can find an unoccupied electrical outlet for phone charging, and finding my 4 vampire Spanish roomies just coming back to sleep after a night out, well: Scheise (common word of greeting among my teenage fellow guests).
On my first day braving Berlin's streets on the bike, I'd gotten lost (duh) and found myself in this neighborhood off the Spree river and so close to the museum island and the big Radisson hotel, it's laughable.
No one here except a couple of Russians for beer thirty in this place that's a Berlin,not a Bavarian beer garden at night. They serve breakfast. I had the "Paris" which is about as Parisian as I am, but I really enjoyed the thin slices of rare roast beef along with my croissant and cafe latte. No one serves cafe au lait in Germany, so this is the closest thing to get.
It's great. A light breeze, a covered terrace with no smokers, and a UPS truck delivering dresses to the boutique across the street.
I could sit here all day, away from the herds of young elephants at my hostel about 1km by bike from here.

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