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Friday, June 14, 2013

On Riding in Berlin

These bike signs, often with decals of some numbered long distance rad weg, are found in all the cities I've visited in Germany.
They're of limited value to cyclists. Like the cycle rail retrofit on steep flights of stairs, they promise much more than they deliver.
There's no guarantee they are pointing in the correct direction. I tried following them yesterday, to the new synagogue. I swear I did a complete circuit going in the direction indicated, and never found my goal. Today I found it by looking up for the gold dome and riding one street then another.
That's how I found the baboon building, the Tacheles and the grand old post office. I also found lots of other things too. If i'd had a GPS tracking my route, itv would have resembled a big ball of string.
And, who knew that Berlin has a neighborhood called "wedding"?

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