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Friday, June 14, 2013

Sarah Weiner Cafe at Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

I rode through the Tiergarten, first to check DB schedules at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, then to this museum of contemporary art, located in a refurbished train station on the Spree. It was too busy at Hauptbahnhof to get near a ticket kiosk. Beats me where DB hides them here. Not like all the other central stations I've used , where there are plenty of kiosks in all corners. I want to check schedules for my Monday trip to Munich. Looks like the flooding is disrupting people going through Hannover and points West. I need to check the need to reserve a seat as its a long run to Munich, over 4 hrs minimum if I'm lucky.
Anyway after being thwarted I had a latte at this art museum. I'm tired of museum going by now.
This part of Berlin was where the wall was, so this grand building was once in East Berlin while where I'm sitting was the west. I'm thinking of riding on that side of the Spree tomorrow. It's cobbled here so not sure if its a good plan, but I think I can ride to Charlottesburg along this route tomorrow. It's Saturday tomorrow and I have yet to tour both the Eastside Gallery and the Berlin Wall memorial, which is close to here.
Weather today windy and chilly after rain and bursts of hot sunshine.
On the way here I passed a pa
Plaque that commemorates a man who died in this river attempting to escape from East Berlin. Given how clean and one big construction zone Berlin is, it's difficult to credit the wall ever existed. It's been wiped clean in several places.

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