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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Neues Museum Refurbishment

This place got hammered in WW2 and was completely refurbished 3 years ago. The lighting and displays of the collections is extremely well done. Unfortunately there seems to be a "take no photo" policy, and the floor guards are everywhere. I've never felt so watched in all my life. Now, this irritates me enormously as I never use flash photography and I like to read captions and study the art. Maybe this is some crazy leftover behavior from the DDR? I even had guards on 1 floor tell me to wear my bag on my front, and on the 2nd floor to take it off and carry it. And this is after I'd left my full bag in a pay locker? WTF?
Everyone rushes to see the bust of Nefertiti, and it is lovely and I sort of understand why they don't want you to photography it: both due to potential loss of image royalties as well as too many people who don't know how to turn off the flash In their camera, but the level of surveillance in this museum is nuts. Over at Pergamon no worries.
A lot's not working at Neues. The mechanical access to the Papyrus Collection display cases is broken, and even the free audio guide to the collection, both permanent and special show bits was telling me "that selection is not valid" too many times.
It's a pity, as there's good stuff thoughtfully curated, in here.

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