Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How the tourist bureau sells it

Yes, the Pacific Coast scenic byway is dreamy, and the best way to see it is on a bike. Traffic is just too fast and busy for this dream to be really true for drivers, irrespective of the marketing.

I'd rather be biking

Final descent to Sand Dunes of Florence

Heceta Head

The lighthouse keeper's house.

Tomorrow's route

I recall this from my own bike trip in September 2015.

Concert? Hallucinogenic get together?

Beats me. Decorating the Green Salmon coffee house.

Combinations yet to be co-opted by by Starbucks

In Yachats. Not meat involved in the "Bolognese" but definitely fungus in the Shroom cocoa. It's Oregon, for Pete's sake...