Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Sunday, June 17, 2018

47.5 miles in heaven

Bayview to Edison to Bow to Lake Samish to Chuckanut Drive and then back through Bow. A wonderful ride just before summer solstice.

The Edison to Bayview Road

7:45pm Saturday night

Saturday, June 16, 2018

In Rhody in Bow

An alcoholic ginger beer to go with dinner. I have to stop and eat. I'm out of snacks and will bonk without some fuel. It's been a hot ride and more challenging than I remember.

Lake Samish

Too many jet skis for such a nice beach.

Slow on the Slough

The tide is turning.

Breakfast at Farm to Market Bakery in Bow, WA

It's almost one year to the day when I was last here: enroute to Fairhaven and the Alaska bound ferry. Today I'm Rita favorite loop: Bayview/Bow/Edison/Lake Samish/Chuckanut Drive/Bow and back to the car park.