Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Monday, July 24, 2017

Maybe not so successful: gah!

Furry Eskimo slippers wreathing a Moore family photo: unique for sure. I'm not sure what the matching embroidered things at the bottom are, but they look like feminine gaiters. Who knows what the Victorian ladies of the Klondike were wearing under their long skirts...

It coordinates with the wallpaper

Something notable in the victorian era Bernard Moore House

I'd guess that this pressed tin "pie plate" covers a hole in the wall that once accommodated a wood stove chimney. In the spirit of "if you can't disguise it, make it a feature" someone painted a color coordinated winter scene, and the whole thing is quite lovely.

Raven in Skagway

I wonder if it's looking at its reflection. Probably not. These birds are so smart it's probably just meditating.

Twitter storm, anyone ?

Chilcoot Pass

From "The Gold Rush" (1925)

The lone prospector