Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Sunday, August 21, 2016

When in Rome...

Decided it was time for me to buy a new bathing suit. I've had great luck with this brand, which fits as well as it looks. I've been neither blonde nor a swimsuit model in my life, but the beach lifestyle is my cultural heritage, and I know it's possible to look good no matter what size, shape or age you happen to be.

Coffee break in foodie Byron Bay

My trip from Sydney to the Gold Coast was a less standard route, given limitations of time and price. So I flew to Ballina in northern NSW and took a mini bus to Byron Bay and thence to Surfer's Paradise. Had a 4 hour wait in Byron so had time to try something creative in Australia's health food Mecca. This is cold brew coffee with coconut milk and served with toasted coconut shreds and dried rose petals. An unusual riff on the iced coffee idea. I needed to cut the acidity of the brew with local molasses. Ahh I'm in trendy Byron for sure.

Dump No Waste Flows to Creek

Seattle's street drains are stenciled with salmon. In Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, the same sentiment but a quite different animal indeed,

Friday, August 19, 2016

Food carts at Barangaroo

That fantastic Southern Hemisphere blue sky on a late winter's morning.

Sculpture in Barangaroo

Saturday morning walk along Sydney's glorious waterfront, this time a new nature preserve near Darling Harbour.

This is here too

Another of Sydney's iconic images. Sadly, I just missed the last performance of the local opera season by a couple of days. This crazy scenic confection makes McCaw Hall in Seattle look like a Lego construction.

Wedding photos 5pm in Sydney

The guests at this Chinese couple's future wedding are going to be wowed by this backdrop. It's a shame that they'll only have their poster sized wedding shot up for an hour or so at the reception back in China. I saw many couples staging their promo shots when I was teaching in Tongling back in 2014. Seems a lifetime ago.