Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ramses II's big right foot

Nice C13th BC pedicure

Avenue of Sphinxes at Luxor Temple

Designed for the annual Opet festival, when the Nile would flood the area. Extraordinary at night.

Felucca at dusk

6pm docking at the Hilton hotel. The tell tails on the mainsail are orange pompon-like tufts.

All hail, Ra!

You travel through the skies in a boat, sinking down into the underworld each night before re-emerging at dawn to bring light.


Felucca on the Nile

This is the view from the pool deck of the Hilton Resort. Having lunch here gave us the chance to take a dip in the Nile-facing infinity pool. In the background is the Valley of the Kings.

El Hilton Luxor for lunch

Just like the Luxor in Vegas, except far fewer guests.