Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preparing for another shot at riding in New Zealand

Earlier this year I rode my beautifully designed but under-geared Brompton folding bicycle in various parts of New Zealand (both islands).

This coming January, I'm going back, North Island only (for now), with my Trek 520 touring bike. I've paid for 40kg of luggage allowance on JetStar (the maximum I could buy), so, with the boxed bike weighing currently about 27kg, I'm going to get busy downsizing, again. Maybe store excess gear at the YHA in Auckland.
Earlier this year, I found the roads in New Zealand to be mighty tough on little wheels. This time, I have my roadie tires, and all the ashphalt embedded in the tread from my Sept 2010 ride in Arizona is long gone.

I'm also packing along Peddler's Paradise. Plans are for Northland, and maybe a trip over to Hawkes Bay. Don't think I have time to re-do the 360 of Taranaki, but we'll see.

I'm outta shape, my shoulder still hurts, despite hydrodilitation, and endless wasted dollars on PT, but it doesn't matter.

Being "on the road" again is all that matters, really.

Predictable and Preventable: Dooring Death in Melbourne



A recent news story, and related commentary from the Melbourne Age newspaper, regarding the death of cyclist James Cross in a "dooring" incident.

Predictable, preventable, and so very very sad. Again, the excuse given is "I didn't see him/her." Doesn't matter. He's dead and it could be prevented.

The Australian incident and fatality statistics in the news story outline just how much more we need to know about real vs. perceived cyclist behavior.

Anything that can be done to foster "Share the Road" and "Bikes Belong" attitudes can only help.

Rest in peace,  James.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wrapping it up in Adelaide

Today's my last day in Adelaide. Sort of bittersweet, but so it goes. I walked by the Adelaide City Council offices this morning, and added my comments to Adelaide's strategic plan. I noticed lots of bike comments on the various feedback notice boards, but the woman I spoke with said she'd not heard of anyone suggesting putting bike racks on the city busses. So, now they have the suggestion.

I love the way they solicit feedback. The pavement outside the council chambers are painted like a rainbow carpet, and they offer wooden "sofas" to sit on, while you give your feedback.

Way to go!

I also enjoyed "Ride to Work" day in mid-October. Lovely day to ride in (sunny, as always, in this mediterranean climate) and lots of cyclists hanging out, briefly, to spread the word. Seems like Adelaide has a nice bike community. It's a pity I didn't get the chance to get more involved, but it was nice to visit, for a while.