Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Friday, June 30, 2017

Practice makes perfect

This chopper is practicing picking up a heavy piece of pipe, flying a 360 around the Valdez airport , then putting it down again on the ground. It's fascinating to watch.

What's left of the Valdez Glacier

Truth always outdoes fiction every time

I saw this noted on a town map from the local tourism rag. Life can be pretty uncomplicated should you choose it.

Inside the cabin

Doesn't really look like the occupant has been gone that long.

... of this cabin near Mt Billy Mitchell

Note on the door ...


Lucy, you got somethin' to tell me? - Ricky

Seen off the Richardson Highway heading towards Valdez. Heavens only know where the other half of this Grumman canoe ended up.

Richardson Highway to Valdez

Don't even THINK of dropping that candy wrapper

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Touring cycling anyone?

Since leaving Haines yesterday at lunchtime I've seen several long distance tourers. About half are solos, including a woman I saw today on the Alcan highway outside Beaver Creek. So far I'm already planning to ride the Golden circle (Haines to Skagway). I'm not sure I'd ride the Alcan. I drove 284 miles today from Haines Junction, YK to Tok, AK. There's not a lot of services along the route. Plus this is a mom grizzly with 2 cubs near Kluane Lake. I'm not sure I'd want to deal the logistics of bears in addition to the weather, summer roadwork, and climbs and descents, and extreme distances. Or at least I'd not likely do on my own if I had the choice. The scenery on the Haines Highway is the most spectacular I've seen so far, and the logistics more manageable. I could even do it car free starting st home in Seattle. Hmm.

Swallows doing aerials just for me over the Duke River

The Yukon provincial government is very economical with building safe roadside pullouts, so when you're screaming up and over the frost heaves of Alaska highway 1 from Haines Jct, YK to Tok, AK, you have to make the effort to get out of the car occasionally. I swear this flock decided to entertain me on the bridge when I walked back to take a photo of the braided glacial river.

Grizzly eating flowers by the side of the road past Kluane Lake

St Elias Mountains in Kluane National Park

View from the Alcan highway now Yukon 1.

The Animal Muffin of Haines Junction, Yukon Territory

Any Australian fan of enormous roadside attractions would appreciate this one.

Monday, June 26, 2017

In Petersburg

Peaks at 7am

From Lynn Canal looking west. The ferry docked at Auke Bay, 12 miles from Juneau for an hour and a half this morning at 4am. My tent was wet and my down sleeping bag damp, so I moved to an empty lounger in the solarium to warm up and dry out. Before we dock in Haines I plan to take my tent down and dry it out. No point in starting a 6 week camping trip with wet gear.

Heading north from Auke Bay

First one I've seen, and it's the famous Mendenhall glacier. I've only been as north as Glacier Bay in SE Alaska, so soon it'll be terra incognita. What a magical thing to say. I love the possibilities that phrase offers. With luck the rain will taper off and I'll see what Alaska is renowned for.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

In Wrangell Narrows

Weather has deteriorated but the run through the Narrows, at low tide, was fun. Lots of fishing cabins on the shores. I stood under one of the ceiling mounted heaters to enjoy the swinging back and forth as the ferry skipper negotiated the channel.

Fishing resort in Wrangell Narrows

30 minutes in Wrangell

Not in the guidebooks

Unapologetic clear cuts enroute to Juneau from Ketchikan.

Towards Prince of Wales Island

The layering of mist and clouds gives allure to the monochrome greys of this maritime landscape. The longer you look, the more you see. Part of my reason for this road trip is to "bathe in the scenery".

The Malaspina

In port for a couple of hours in Ketchikan.

A more typical way to visit Alaska

The AMS Malaspina is a bit spare as it was pressed into service at the last minute when, according to someone onboard, the propeller of the Columbia fell off. But on deck the experience has been pretty sweet so far.

On Princess Royale island

Wonderful volcanic and glacial vistas on display

Tradition meets contemporary in Ketchikan

Inside the car deck on the Malaspina

In the supermarket near the Ketchikan ferry dock

6 pound+ cans of everything you need to wallpaper the walls if your backcountry cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. Last time I've seen this is in Utah.

So hot I'm able to sunbathe

Onboard the Malaspina on the Inside Passage

Friday, June 23, 2017

Lined up for the Alaska Marine Highway

Ticketed for Haines, AK. Just me and my road bike, in case I find some decent biking. Fingers crossed.

Day 0 enroute to Fairhaven

My favorite stop on the Chuckanut Drive bike loop. But no ride today.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June's bounty

Despite the clouds the roses are on time.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Port Orchard Saturday farmers' market

Destination for a pleasant 30 mile outing with Cascade Bicycle Club. Started at Fauntleroy dock and ferry to Southworth. I've been seeing many ride announcements via Meetup, so I finally made the time to ride with the group. A nice way to spend another cloudy weekend. It'll be great once we're finished with "June u ary".

Monday, June 12, 2017

Waiting for windshield replacement in Sodo


My share of the replacement cost is $100. It feels good to have it fixed, but I know I'll be dealing with little shards of glass in the car for a while. The shattered bits fell into all the nooks and crannies.
Fingers crossed I won't have to deal with anymore loutish behavior for a good long while.

Waiting for windshield replacement in Sodo

Saturday, June 10, 2017

What to say



While parked off Hwy 970 east of Cle Elum today at 4pm while taking a phone call some a-hole shot out my rear widescreen. Likely an air gun but it was loud and frightening, and it still was an assault, a drive by shooting by some local yahoo. Gives me a bad taste and I quit my planned camping and bike on Sunday. I called the cops and now I have to get it fixed. What a thing to happen. I hope the culprits get picked up soon and my police report helps nail them. I'd love to shoot out their car window in return but you rarely get the chance to give it right back. At least it wasn't worse and I wasn't killed. No bullet found so wasn't a rifle or shotgun. Yup out here in make America great again country. SOBs