Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Saturday, June 10, 2017


While parked off Hwy 970 east of Cle Elum today at 4pm while taking a phone call some a-hole shot out my rear widescreen. Likely an air gun but it was loud and frightening, and it still was an assault, a drive by shooting by some local yahoo. Gives me a bad taste and I quit my planned camping and bike on Sunday. I called the cops and now I have to get it fixed. What a thing to happen. I hope the culprits get picked up soon and my police report helps nail them. I'd love to shoot out their car window in return but you rarely get the chance to give it right back. At least it wasn't worse and I wasn't killed. No bullet found so wasn't a rifle or shotgun. Yup out here in make America great again country. SOBs

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