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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Touring cycling anyone?

Since leaving Haines yesterday at lunchtime I've seen several long distance tourers. About half are solos, including a woman I saw today on the Alcan highway outside Beaver Creek. So far I'm already planning to ride the Golden circle (Haines to Skagway). I'm not sure I'd ride the Alcan. I drove 284 miles today from Haines Junction, YK to Tok, AK. There's not a lot of services along the route. Plus this is a mom grizzly with 2 cubs near Kluane Lake. I'm not sure I'd want to deal the logistics of bears in addition to the weather, summer roadwork, and climbs and descents, and extreme distances. Or at least I'd not likely do on my own if I had the choice. The scenery on the Haines Highway is the most spectacular I've seen so far, and the logistics more manageable. I could even do it car free starting st home in Seattle. Hmm.

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