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Friday, April 19, 2013

This week's lunacy at the Boston Marathon

I am astounded at all the craziness this week.

With my less-than-perfect left ankle, I'm no marathon runner, nor do I see it in my future. But I know several runners. My dearest Aussie friend Trish (friends since preschool) took up marathon running as her response to turning 50. I expect she's got "Boston" on her top ten list.

This thoughtful post came from the IPhone app I currently use to map my daily bike riding. As I don't run, I usually ignore the posts from the runners. But I really like this map posted by runner samshah27 in San Francisco.

It's such a nice sentiment. As are the comments from Bill Iffrig, the 78-year-old marathoner knocked down by the bomb blast a few feet from the finish. He's from Lake Stevens, WA, a town near one of my regular ride routes.

“Somebody came by with a wheelchair, but I said, ‘I’m fine.’ I wanted to finish,” said Iffrig, a retired carpenter..." 

Rest in peace, Martin, Krystle and Lingzi. Such a stupid thing to happen during such a wonderful event.