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Friday, September 30, 2016

First week of conscious vegetarian meals done and dusted!

I made it through my first 4 days of mindful late lunch/early supper meals at work. Lentil soup, marinaded goat cheese, white bean dip and tabbouleh, along with fruit, both fresh and cooked, crackers and ginger cookies. I'm proud of myself. Only 1 coffee bought at work and 1 candy bar. Seems it's possible to break the bad eating/spending habits with ample preparation. OK, here's part of $44 worth of mainly organic groceries from PCC. Decided it's still cheaper and healthier than eating out. I will select some more recipes from the Cafe Flora book for Week 2. I'm really proud of myself. Week 1 of Fall quarter is stressful because my class enrollment is in flux. I had 3 new faces in my 4th day class, and next week I expect more. Many students don't have the textbook, don't want to buy it, or insist on buying online, despite my advice. So, several won't have the book next week either. Oh well. This is a lesson I let the students learn on their own. Delivering a good lesson that's both interesting and fun under such circumstances is the sign of a very skilled teacher. I know I'm getting better at it, but it's still stressful all the same. I'm teaching another new class at a different level as well, so stress x2. That's the way it is for a contract college teacher. Today I also did the first of what I hope will be 11 Friday morning bike rides around Magnolia. I call them my "training for India" rides. I'll be starting the planning for my next short trip abroad, in December, when classes are done. I like warm weather and going against the crowds at Christmas, and I'm not going to Australia, because I went this past August. Going in late winter was absolutely the right time to go. I made the time to visit Sydney instead of rushing immediately north. More relaxed, more of a vacation than simply a trip to visit relatives. I hope to do it again next year, and will choose another part of the country to tour.

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