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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

You've got that right!

From today's newspaper. I'm back in the classroom for Fall Quarter. Because I'm an evening teacher on a campus with limited services after 6pm, I've found it lonely and a big challenge to bother to cook for myself. Unsurprisingly, this loss of discipline has hurt my stamina on the bike, and excess weight is threatening once more. So, this fall, I'm doing my own version of "Julie/Julia," deliberately cooking for myself using the Cafe Flora cookbook. I've owned this inspirational vegetarian/vegan book for years, but always thought was "too much work." Well, not anymore. I'm figuring if I can keep up the planning and preparation, revise the recipes to serve only one person, and stockpile dishes, flatware and nice napkins in my desk, I will be able to teach myself how to eat well, keep the weight off, and save money. I announced my plan to one of my four teacher office mates last night. She commented: "you need to be a good cook to do vegetarian." Yes, this is true. In my past life I had been a good cook. I have an added gift of having done some professional culinary training. I've let it slide because I needed to endure many unwanted life changes in the past 2 years. Well, that pain is in the rear view mirror, and gradually receding. I'm not happy, nor am I unhappy. It's a strange place to occupy. Last night I made marinaded goat cheese, white bean dip, and garlic mustard lentil soup. Today I plan to grill an eggplant for another meal later this week. I teach 4 nights, so I am preparing the individual dishes to cater 4 meals. I have access to a microwave but I have to go to another building to find a sink. The last thing I need, though, is a wet and dirty dish rolling around in my panniers when I bike home at 9:30pm. As fall turns to winter, only a hardcore group of people will ride to and from work in the dark and the rain. Yup. It's time to get serious.

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