Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Getting back via 970 into a full force headwind

I've decided to dig in and ride back on the high route. Usually I loop back south of I-90 through Thorpe, or even up and over the windmills. Today, its windmills on the northern mesa tops, via 970, with what I know will be a grand summit descent to Hwy 97. Any route back will be a battle into the winds. I flew out for the first 20 miles with a tailwind in low 50s. Now it's time to pay it back. I've had lunch, with good American-style chai. I'm taking half this excellent chocolate cake which I just can't finish, from the Yellow Church Cafe in E'burg, back with me. This is really the only justification for eating something like this. I expect I'll burn up the 700+ calories from this treat by trundling up and over. I was introduced to this place last month, during a Meetup hike up to the nearby Yakima skyline trail. My goal on any 40 mile ride like this one is calorie intake = calorie expenditure.

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