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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bloom where you're planted

I aborted my planned hike to Chena Dome because of car problems. Turns out my rear passenger wheel is damaged. No point in having a giddy fit about it. There's a Honda dealership in Fairbanks who did the diagnosis, and I've arranged to install 4 new tires tomorrow morning at a tire place. The tires have to be delivered from Anchorage. So, while I'm at it, I'll also get the best of the 4 old tires put on a used wheel so that I have a full sized spare for the next time I'm driving on dirt. It's costly, but equivalent to what I'd pay at home, and there's no sales tax here, so that helps. To soothe my disappointment, I had lunch at likely the best place in Fairbanks: Pita Place. FB isn't blessed with noteworthy eats, so this inexpensive place near the University deserves its accolades on Yelp. I've had a pleasant long lunch sitting in the hot sun, quite different from just over 2 weeks ago when I first rolled through town. Now I'm off to the craft market at the WEIO (World Eskimo Something Olympics). Given my busted tire I'm sticking around town today. Having the WEIO to go to isn't half bad.

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