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Friday, July 7, 2017

Truth in advertising?

Many cafes in Alaska make this claim, often using "Klondike" for extra zing. The only place so far I've actually had real sourdough pancakes is in Fairbanks, in the Sourdough Cafe. A chef who taught me artisan bread making some years ago explained that bread cultures change over time and are flavored by the distinctive aerial yeasts in the local air. So who knows if someone from 1902 would recognize what he's eating today, in 2017. Maybe, maybe not. I ate nice but not particularly sour sourdough hot cakes this morning in the Black Bear coffee shop in Canyon, the tourist tack jumble of gift shops, hotels and restaurants outside Denali NP. Perhaps I should capture a jelly jar full of the air here in Talkeetna and see if I can recreate their sourdough for a short while.🙂

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