Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Monday, July 3, 2017

Dinner at Silver Gulch

Excellent beef chilli and beans, fried potato wedges, and the least alcoholic beer, Northern Light, on the menu. Sitting in a car and just driving hundreds of miles isn't good for anyone, especially all the fat people touring around here in their RVs or piling off the Princess Cruise buses pouring in from Anchorage. But I'm tired of eating by myself in buggy campgrounds. I've managed 10 days of camping so I'm staying at Sven's Basecamp Hostel in a 5 bed elevated tent. Only 2 of the beds were taken when I checked in at noon today. The thunder storm is dumping rain outside right now. Yes, happy 4th of July. Tomorrow, Independence Day, I hope to take an alpine flowers hike up the Chena Hot Springs Road, and see more of what I want to see up here. Even if it's socked in, flowers above the tree line hug the ground anyway and I shouldn't have much company.

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