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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mt McKinley on an 81 degree day

Mt McKinley in Denali National Park when I arrived today at 2pm. I'm surprised at how ordinary looking it is, without any snow. This NP is, as I suspected, 180 degrees opposite to Wrangell St Elias. There is entire village of hotels and shops outside the front gate, and the green and white school buses drive up and down the park road. There is a line of people buying bus tickets in the wilderness access center, nearest the park entrance, which is different from the Denali Visitors Center, where you go to get information on ranger led discovery hikes, 2 day advance registration required. However, I expect I'll ride 15 miles one way on the paved park road and then either ride back or wave down a green transit bus on the way back. There's an elevation chart in the park newsletter, and it's perfectly rideable.
It's quite the logistical challenge though.

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