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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Coffee shop in Khan al-Khalili

At first I thought these were furniture places selling benches, but in fact, it's a tea house kitty corner to the mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein, and business is slow. In Cairo I expect to be needing to sit frequently, as walking the medieval cobbled streets is both interesting and exhausting. Mint tea is nice though, a mix of fresh mint leaves steeped in strong tea. You sweeten it up in the glass in which it's served and watch the local street life. Today's my first day as a tourist in Egypt, and it's pretty mellow as few westerners are visiting. The reasons are many. Bad news seems to dominate the news cycle and when it's coupled with widespread ignorance about the rest of the world, it's a toxic mix. Of course Egypt's unstable political situation is all too real. However, the US is hardly immune itself currently. So here's to flying under the radar and seeing what life is like a long way from rainy Seattle.

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