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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dahibbiyya being towed upstream

Today, our last in Egypt, means we'll fly from Luxor to Cairo at 5:30pm and at 12:30am Friday (ye gods!) pick up a flight to Paris and then home to the US. The best thing to do is settle the bill at the guesthouse using a big wad of Egyptian pounds and some Euros, then hang out at the former Sheraton, now Achti Resort in the Nile. Our guesthouse's mudbrick walled garden adjoins the resort, so close we could hear 2 Egyptian buskers sawing away on traditional instruments for tips from departing resort guests.
So we're enjoying the view across the Nile towards the West Bank and Valleys of Kings, Queens and Nobles beyond. We also are watching tenders tow feluccas upstream. It's ferociously hot now at noon, in the lower 80s, and there is no wind. The sailboats will ride the current back to Luxor, with hoisted sails only for tourists.
I'm guessing that this splendid overnight cruiser is being repositioned to Aswan for a Nile Cruise. It would be a splendid, expensive way to see a bit of Egypt.
Perhaps on a return trip, when I'm older and much wealthier🙂

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