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Friday, March 31, 2017

Elegance wasted on smokers at CDG M gates

This is a gorgeous vertical garden that complements both sides of a rest room in the terminal. Unfortunately, the one on the right is locked, while the one on the right (not shown) is for smokers. What a waste of resources to appease those who still don't get it. I am returning to the US with a bronchial infection caused by Egypt's smoking culture. Hotels stink, archeological resources stink, and the hookah bars are just nasty. It's a pity that smoking is ingrained as another example of Egyptian male bonding. Hookah bars for women aren't a strike for women's rights. Personally I prefer the disgusting opaque smokers' rooms that still fit airports outside the US. Stigmatizing smokers is an effective way to drive home the message that smoking is pollution and hurts everyone.

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