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Saturday, June 22, 2013

8pm on the Summer Soltice in Baden Baden

Although I feel tired from the tedious trip from Munich to Frankfurt and then back out to Baden Baden, I decided to do a little stroll to mark the beginning of summer. Down the hill from my hostel is Aussitchweg, a paved footpath that goes through people's hillside allotments and gives a nice view of the city below. It's very warm and sunny, and the songbirds are going full throttle in the evening. Today was raining hard in Munich when I left on the 9:50a train, so nothing to complain about. I had dinner at the hostel as I was too tired to walk down the hill to town, so it was more cold cuts, bread and apple juice.
Hey at least it was essy. It's been a tiring day as I had to do the longer train because theoretical direct route was cancelled this morning due to bridge failure somewhere. And the train station here is a ways from town and I had to push Wm up some steep streets.
I plan to sleep late tomorrow as its Sunday and this is Baden Wurtenburg so likely a slow time in the Black Forest.
Hope to gain the energy to do a little walking in the woods while I'm here.

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