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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Panoramaweg planning

The handle of the ice cream spoon shows the location of the Werner Dietz Hostel, where I'm staying until Tuesday morning.
The green area is the northern reach of the Black Forest. The grey lines are footpaths and the red highlighted road is the Panoramaweg.
There's the ruin of a castle, Burgruine Altes Schloss marked on the map. I hope it's a romantic ruin worthy of the romanticism of the Black Forest generally, not a graffiti marred former landmark.
Around here you can't be sure. One set of alcoves of Friedrichsbad has been recently tagged, and a couple of empty mineral water bottles have been thrown up and caught between the anti pigeon roosting pins and the ornate carved window frame. Really took some effort to do this. This must be the reason the fettquelle spring water spigots are now locked behind a sturdy door.

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