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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Activity for Tomorrow solved!

This sign is a wall near the modern spa Caracalla Therme. I had to pull down some of the tendrils of Boston ivy that partially covered it. I guess not a highlight for the typical visitor to Baden Baden.
But it's an actual hike in the Black Forest that starts right here. Gives distance and altitude for 3 hikes, and it involves hiking poles, which I have with me.
I have to plan the logistics. Maybe a bus ride into town, do the circuit, then reward myself with Friedrichsbad, AKA the Roman-Irish bath, plus Mondays means I have the choice of single sex bathing. This isn't Japan, where nude bathing is the most modest activity ever.
Not sure I want to experience the highlight of Baden Baden in company of a bunch of naked old guys.

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