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Sunday, June 23, 2013

View to Casino from Terrace of Trinkhalle Cafe

After a very long lunch at Bockeler Cafe, partly due to too few waitresses, partly due to it being a humid Sunday that constantly threatens rain, I decided to be good and push my bike through the pedestrian precinct, cross the Oosbach river and finally visit the TI by 4pm.
I bought the 1,50 Euro Panoramaweg hiking map and now realise I can hike directly from the youth hostel's front door and follow the 30 mile trail as far as I want, returning to Baden Baden by bus.
And, with the spa open til 10pm, and some restaurants marked on the map in what must be small villages, I think I'm set.
So I'm just lazing at the terrace cafe and considering how different this casino, with its colonnaded entrance looking onto a lawn and double row of lindens is from Las Vegas.

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