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Sunday, June 16, 2013

East Side Gallery

Today is another blustery humid and overcast day, always threatening a thunderstorm.

I rode to the mile long outdoor art exhibit off Muhlenstrasse, on the edge of the Spree.
The murals were repainted in 2009, but they're already marred with tagging and various obscenities mixed with a few thoughtful comments. They won't last another 10 years at this rate of defacement.
I watched a group of young Chinese visitors adding their nonsense with a thin black marker someone had in their bag.
I imagine the artists don't mind. I'm not sure if the Berlin cultural authorities paid them to return or not, but generally there is no competition between their skill and the crude scribbles left by visitors.
The artists sign their work with phone numbers and email. A rather good billboard for their signature portfolio pieces on the Berlin Wall.

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