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Monday, June 10, 2013

Party like it's Munchen!

This is the view from where I'm eating spargel and arugula salad plus the mandatory stein of helles. It's sort if overpriced and the dirndl wearing waitresses look positivelynanorexic compared to the real ones I saw at Augustiner in Munich barely 2 weeks ago, but it's sunny in the country's capital and, Gott im Himmel, there's a Bavarian band playing inside.
I must be channeling some sort of deep seated German-ness I had no idea I possessed. No, it's just that I'm tired from the train trip from Hamburg and the 3+ km walk from the Hauptbahnhof. I'm not the sort of gal that can just jump on her loaded bike and ride straight out into an unfamiliar city. I have to walk the streets first before I feel safe to ride the bike. But I sure will do so here in Berlin. I can tell it's MADE for bikes.

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