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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Coolest Corporate Headquarters ever

This, I discovered, is Das Gossl Gwandhaus, a manufacturer of upscale dirndls and lederhosen, which are extremely elegant and expensive looking. Designed by Austrians, sewn in Hungary. Not only do they sell clothes, they have a restaurant and something called Greisslerei on the grounds. Greisslerei sells locavore type stuff like Austrian cheese, sausages, jams and chutneys.
It's also a wedding venue, where no doubt she wears the gorgeous dirndl wedding dress and he wears a sort of stylish hunting outfit. There were catalogs of the clothes, or rather copies of their Austrian lifestyle magazine, where models wearing Gwandhaus gear fly fish, dance to Mozart, pick meadow flowers and live in perfect alpine houses furnished with unrealistically lovely rustic things.

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