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Saturday, December 24, 2016

12985 JP DEE super fast double decker express train back to Delhi on Christmas morning

The return trip cost me 485 rupees ($USD 7.15). Doesn't include refreshments, so periodically the "Meals on Wheels" train catering staff walk down the aisle, selling snacks, cup noodles, sandwiches, or cups drawn from big urns of hot tomato soup and Chai with cookies. Everything seems to cost 10 rupees. I'm conserving my small notes as I'll need to visit the money changers again in M Market when I get back to Bed and Chai in Kailash Colony. I get in at around 10:50am. I met a young Dutch solo woman traveler, Ellie, at Khatu Haveli and we shared a table at dinner for 2 nights. It was nice to have a table mate who really understands being female and alone on the road. She'd done several trips to various parts of India. At the end of her trip she's staying at a hotel near the airport to rest from the sensory overload of travel, solo or not, here. That's a very good idea. I'm not sure what I will do for my last 2-3 days in Delhi. It'll be nice to be home for New Year. At this point of my life, I do best when I can balance adventure travel with comforts of having a home somewhere. I also have some meaningful work to return to. I don't tolerate immigrant bashing. 2017 brings to a large part of America a chance to stop the tantrums about social and economic change, accept that women and minoritys have equal right,?and step away from utterly disgusting bullying and scapegoating of the past year. Enough. I expect the new president to lead like a grownup. I will be watching very closely for violations of our constitution. I lived through the Bush presidencies. I can live through this one too.

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