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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Breakfast at Cafe Lota

12 mini rava idlis molvapodi, served with fresh coconut chutney, and masala chai at the cafe attached to the Craft Museum, a short tuk tuk ride from Pragati Maidan metro. The idlis are made from a grain, perhaps millet, and maybe molvapodi is the lightly spicy mix they're fried in, along with fresh curry leaves. I negotiated the fare as 40 rupees, less than he asked, but more than a local would pay. The odd, vaguely western-style hotel breakfast is not worth the 250 rupees I paid yesterday. I had to trek across town to get here, but I'm feeling a lot better so I want to eat Indian food again. This and 2 glasses of chai cost 390 rupees.

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