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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My guest room

I guess this is my Christmas present to myself. I wanted to stay in one of the historic family spreads for which Jaipur is known. It has at least 2 inner courtyards and a rooftop deck that looks out towards 2 forts and one temple on the mountain that looms above the city to the north. I could have gone full-on Maharaja accommodation had I wished, as several old palaces are now set up as luxury hotels, complete with peacocks on the lawn.
This is enough upscale for me on this trip. The owner just gave me a tour, and told me the BBC did a 3-part documentary here with some British celebrities trying out The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel idea of living large on less during one's retirement. A challenge to the British penchant for moving to Spain in one's golden years. I'll have to google this docco and see if it's been broadcast yet.

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