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Friday, December 16, 2016

Hauz Khas ruins of a C14th madras and tombs

It was a long noisy and heavily trafficked walk from Green Park metro through an upscale South Delhi neighborhood whose name must be derived from London's Green Park. Now there is an unexpectedly clean and well-policed enclave/archaeological park at the far end. It's now lined with bars, restaurants, and expensive shops catering to European bling packers and youthful upper middle class Indians alike. Of course there's a Starbucks here, because I know just how seriously my hometown coffee shop takes its site selection decisions. The techno dance music blaring from a beer garden at the entrance to the village was a dead giveaway that this is Delhi's Byron Bay. BB, a place that I've been visiting annually until this year, maintains its trendy appeal, ironically, through strong anti-corporate ordinances, and will never allow an American frappuccino maker to ever gain a beachhead there. I chose to do my Aussie family trip this past August instead, so that I could spend a different sort of Christmas in India instead. The Green Park, alternately called Deer Park, is a lush green space with an interesting looking green lake It looks like it's the place to come for good people watching and a Sunday picnic.

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