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Thursday, December 22, 2016

My own kite runner movie

Some kites are coming tantalizingly close to my rooftop perch, so I suspect my presence has been noticed. I hear a couple of kids shouting "hallo!" in my direction just now and done Rajasthani ladies one roof over are giving me shy curious glances. Just now, a pretty purple and green kite got snagged on the lantern finial near by, but I really wasn't sure of the protocol here. Do I reach out and capture it? Or release it and send it back to the kid on the other end of the string? A bit of kite cutting is going on, because I just saw a stringless kite flutter past. Here they are, sailing up towards the 1734 Nahargarh Fort. I guess I now realize what my favorite place in Jaipur is going to be for the 3 nights I'm staying here.

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