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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lunch at Lota

Looking at mysterious textiles sure develops the appetite. I decided to go back to Cafe Lota for lunch. They don't fire up the tandoor until lunch anyway, so I chose wisely. This is the "dal of the day" a delicately spiced lentil soup, served with the best looking naan or paratha (not sure now what I ordered) I've ever seen. The flaky layers are something I've not seen before. That tandoor is one smoking hot oven to get this type of oven spring. I had a saffron flavored lassi (my first in India because dairy drinks can be dodgy choices, kitchen cleanliness-wise.) Now I'm going to get a tuk tuk to Humayun's tomb, as it's on this side of town, and it won't be dark for a few hours yet.

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