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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Besan ke gatte, karati bhindi, khoba roti at Lota Cafe

My "larger" plate vegetarian lunch of steamed chickpea flour dumplings, which are log shaped, almost like gnocchi, and simmered in yoghurt gravy, spiced crispy okra and a pretty wholewheat flat bread. It came with a little dab of sweet spicy carrot relish. (350 rupees). I finished it off with an extra bread order of pudina paratha mint sprinkled, cooked in a tandoor, (70 rupees) and cold kaapi, milk, sugar and ice blended with a shot of filter coffee (85 rupees). Gosh, I wish I had enough room to try one of their desserts: halwa (black carrot pudding with condensed milk and golden cashews), or apple jalebi, or patisapta: rice flour craps, (sic) - ha ha, I'm not the only one being stymied by spell check, stuffed with shredded coconut and nolen gut (whatever that is). Definitely another plate licker for my last day in Delhi.
The Indian food I've had here has been generally high quality and with unique flavor profiles- a highlight of the trip for sure.

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