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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Main course from the Himalayas

After Sisnu Ko Raas, a clear green consommé of stinging nettles with puffed rice, I had Aloo Tama Bodi Ko Jhol, a Nepali potato curry with fresh bamboo shoots and black eyed peas in a mix of spices that isn't at all like anything Indian. It reminds me of China, almost "stinky tofu" scented, but in a good way. Because it's a wet dish, I had Makai Ko Bhat, the freshest basmati rice I think I've ever eaten in my life, cooked with finely ground corn. The rice alone made me so happy because white rice is a comfort food from my Asian Australian childhood. There's also pork on the menu, a dead giveaway of the Chinese influences. The desert mountains of Rajasthan reminded me how much I'd like to see the snowy Himalayas again. Maybe I'll be going back to Kathmandu again.

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