Hawkes Bay NZ Water trail

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Heading to Rajasthan

1.5 hours from Delhi, and the rural scene could be mistaken for Anhui Province in China. Lots of fields of mustard in flower, cornstalk stacks, brick or stuccoed buildings, here and there a water buffalo, a temple, a garden of marigolds. Cow dung must be used for fires because we've passed cone-shaped stacks. There are occasional groups of farm hands huddling around small fires. The tracks are littered with the inevitable trash, snack wrappers, plastic bags, disposable paper cups, but there are few plastic water bottles. When you get your bottled water on the train, you're asked to puncture the empty bottle when you're through. A method used to prevent the scam of refilling them with dirty water and selling as "bottled." The sky seems bluer here, with less smoke and haze. The ground is equally dusty. That seems to be characteristic of India.

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