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Monday, December 19, 2016

At Central Secretariat metro

Despite my afternoon tea ploy, I still mistimed rush hour on the metro. This is the polite ladies-only carriage throng. A 180-degree contrast to the seething mass of men shouting and taking punches at each other on the platform as they fought for the other 5 carriages of the yellow line train. The stairways down from the ground floor entry to the platform were completely choked with people standing/sitting 3-deep on each step. This made exiting passengers from each train fight in a single file, to go up. No way in hell was I going to head down there into groper/pickpocket heaven until things thinned some. Took maybe an hour. Once on the platform I hugged a wall in the corner and let train after train pass. I had no intention of being trampled to death here. When I finally risked it, I still had to get off at New Delhi. My best school mistress English rang out clear and loud at the stop, to the amusement of all the women around me. They somehow managed to let me squeeze past. It's not difficult to appreciate these courteous Indian girls. They really are "ladies" in my book.

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