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Monday, December 19, 2016

Chicken Haryali Tikka at Khan Chacha in Delhi's Khan Market

Today was my day to move accommodation. I'll be staying at Bloom Rooms in Delhi's Paharganj area for the next 3 nights. I chose it because of its proximity to New Delhi Railway Station, from where I'll leave on Thursday for Jaipur in Rajasthan. I'd booked it at a point in my travels when Bed and Chai had told me they were already booked. So, I'd done a booking.com listing before someone canceled. I'll see if it's a bad, out of the frying pan move (Likely). Coming from South Delhi by metro takes a lot of time, even with a cycle rickshaw to Kailash Colony metro. Still, getting to my new digs was another ordeal. I took the wrong exit out of New Delhi metro (signage didn't take me where I thought I'd end up, and I'm hampered by my rolling suitcase at this point, ending up in yet another rough, dirty traffic choked train station exit. The rickshaw wallah I hired couldn't make it through the insane traffic jam, so I walked the last km through a particularly shitty part of Delhi (which is saying something). I'm feeling under the weather and I also needed to eat, so I braved the train station again, asked some uniformed Indian soldiers how to get to the metro, and came to this calmer, more westerner friendly shopping district. Every store has a door guard to keep out Delhi's rougher set, even to this 330 rupees casual seating/takeout joint that is obviously famous for a reason. Gosh, now that I've eaten well, again, I might be tempted to look at the lovely expensive-looking sarees on sale at street level. Much more appealing, as there are fixed price stores here. I've had quite enough practice today telling taxi wallahs their price for a ride is too much. I'm amazed at my own toughness. But it's exhausting and makes Delhi an ordeal because I don't enjoy the process of constantly bargaining over the stupidest shit at all.

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