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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You can't get there from here

Today I had this conversation three times with 3 separate auto rickshaw drivers:
Me: Hello. I want to go to Craft Market/Humayun's Tomb/Khan Market. How much?
Rickshaw wallah (head bobbles): Oh 100 rupees madam.
Me: No, that's too much. I know that CM/HT/KM is just over there. I will pay 40 rupees.
RW (smiles, head wobbles faster): Oh no madam, 100. It is very far.
Me: No it isn't. It's over there. I know it. 40.
RW: (head wobbles even faster): Oh madam, 80?
Me: No, 40.
RW: (head almost falling off): OK, 60.
Me: No, 40.
RW: (wobble, wobble, wobble)OK, 50.
Me: OK, 50.
RW drives off, barely concealed his joy at me paying so much more than a local. I feel relief that I've paid about $1 to get safely across a Delhi road and lived to tell the tale.
This series of interconnected interior doors in Hamayum's tomb is a pretty good metaphor for this daily transaction. Can you see the goal in there, somewhere beyond the room inside the room inside the room? That's Delhi for you.

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