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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dealing with upper respiratory tract infection

It's taken a week but the air pollution has caused me to develop a sore throat and slight runny nose. I need to deal with it now. I experienced a bad slide into more serious congestion when I worked in China, so I am fully aware of the need to look after myself. So, it's time for an Indian pharmacy. As in other SE Asian countries, it's easy to buy antibiotics over the counter. Back home a prescription is needed for things like amoxicillin. I passed on that today, and will try this mix of pain reliever and mucous loosening agent. The tablets are sold by the sheet for 66 rupees. Hmm, I did a quick Google check for terrible side effects, and found the typical ambiguity, and will give it a try.
This is part of the reason there are antibiotic-resistant microbes out there, so I'm trying not to add to the problem. Not sure if I can, however. That's the paradox of travel in 3rd world places. Ye gods. Today at breakfast in my guesthouse house I spoke with a young traveler who dealt with dengue fever in India. Yikes.

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